Post Production – The Models

The beautiful models that posed for the Delirant. The one on the left is the covergirl and the right one is featured in the spread.



Magazine Teaser

The Photo Shoot was a success (Thank God). Before going further with the magazine editing, here’s a look at some of the photos.¬†563245_592223997529694_1848576703_n

It’s time.

After weeks of planning and researching, the time has come for the photo shoot. Things might not go as planned but¬†hopefully, the photography will be top notch. All’s well, that ends well, eh?


Planning – Rough Sketching & Brain Storming.

Before the photo shoot for the magazine, I’m trying to plan what the magazine front cover should look like. By now, I have planned a midshot for the cover and roughly written some of the text to be written. However, nothing is finalised or precise about the rough sketchwork and the final shoot. I have also, pointed out all the things needed for the implementation of the idea I have for the shoot. We are covering the fall fashion trends but still keeping the indie genre in mind, I’m also gonna emphasise on a picturesque dramatic element in the photoshoot. So here’s hoping for the best!


The Chosen One – Indie

Indie, relatively lesser known genre, as compared to Fashion or Music. It is also more creative and vast, with no restrictions to just one thing in particular. Indie can include fashion, music, lifestyle, literature and movies. Keeping all the possibilities in mind, I think indie is perhaps the perfect choice for me. Plus, it’s also my personal favourite genre because of the variety of different things available in one publication. The photo below shows the freedom and fantasy present in Indie.


The search begins…

Ever since we have the freedom to choose any genre for the magazine. My indecisiveness kicked in and after a long while of researching and planning the pefect magazine, I’ve shortlisted these genres; Fashion, Lifestyle and Music.


From OCR to CIE

After some preperation for my OCR Music Magazine, it was announced that Cambridge Interantional Examinations has introduced Media Studies, starting from 2015. I’ll be in the first batch, which is quite exciting. Later we got to know that we have freedom of the genre of the magazine, and not just compulsated to Music. This made me wonder the possibilities, of doing something more, doing something new.